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Rare Items / Attributes

There are two categories of Rare items: Very rare items and Rare items.

Very rare items are unique, while general Rare Items are rare but belong to at least 2 duuudes.

In this section you can see all the Crypto Duuudes with Very Rare Items that have been released until now.

Very Rare Item = Unique! No other Duuudes will have that item.

Very Rare Items increase the Level of the Duuudes by 1 point! 

How many Duuudes with very rare items will you be able to collect?! 🙂

Very Rare Items / Attributes

The following list gives you an idea about some very rare items / special attributes that the Crypto Duuudes in the Duuudes Category have.

Not all the items are yet disclosed: some will be a surprise !

Important: even though some of the characters do not have any of the following attributes, they can still be very special and unique thanks to their hair style, colors, clothes, general style etc.

1x. Bull hat,  1x. Chain (inmate),   1x. Deer hat,   1x. Headlamp,   1x. Hockey mask,   1x. Hoodie,   1x. Parrot,   1x. Red/cyan 3D glasses,

1x. Sailor hat,   1x. "A story that deserves to be told",   1x. Space suit,   1x. Unicorn hat,   1x. VR Headset,   1x. AR Glasses,   

1x. Xmas Costume

(more to come)

Other Rare Items

The following list gives you an idea about additional rare items that the Crypto Duuudes in the Duuudes Category have.

Example: 2x. rainponcho = there are only 2 rainponchos in total


2x. Cowboy hat,   2x. Feathered dress,   2x. Rainponcho

4x. Gas Mask  (1 with 4 filters, 1 with 3 filters, 1 with 2 filters, 1 with 1 filter),   4x. Covid-19 Mask,   4x. Bandana,   4x. Gem necklace,

4x. Headphones ,   4x. Tattoos

8x. Beanie ,   8x. Sunglasses

(more to come)

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