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-What are the Crypto Duuudes?

NFTs High quality Artworks / Collectibles

-How many NFTs Crypto Duuude characters will be available?

Only 300! Supply 1/1 of each character


-Where can I find the NFTs Crypto Duuudes?

At the moment they are available only On Opensea. 

Link to the official Crypto Duuudes account: 

Here you can see the latest Crypto Duuudes available directly from the Crypto Duuudes account

Link to the Crypto Duuudes assets page:

Here you can see all the Crypto Duuudes on Opensea.

-What are the categories? 

See explanation on the page Categories and Levels

-How are the levels of the Crypto Duuudes determined?

See explanation on the page Categories and Levels

-Are there characters with very rare items?

Yes. See explanation on the page Rare Items / Attributes

-How are the Crypto Duuudes made?

They are designed using 3D Software

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