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-What are the Crypto Duuudes?

NFTs High quality Artworks / Collectibles

-How many NFTs Crypto Duuude characters will be available?

Only 300! Supply 1/1 of each character


-Where can I buy the NFTs Crypto Duuudes?

At the moment they are available only On Opensea. 

Link to the official Crypto Duuudes account: 

Here you can see the latest Crypto Duuudes available directly from the Crypto Duuudes account

Link to the Crypto Duuudes assets page:

Here you can see all the Crypto Duuudes on Opensea.

Some of them have been already purchased by other Opensea users.

Users have the possibility to resell the Crypto Duuudes that they have bought.

-What is it possible to use for payment when buying NFTs Crypto Duuudes?

"The most popular form of payment is Ether, which is the token that helps power the Ethereum blockchain".

Check the other options on Opensea / FAQ

Opensea Blog / Gettings started

-What are the categories? 

See explanation on the page Categories and Levels

-How are the levels of the Crypto Duuudes determined?

See explanation on the page Categories and Levels

-Are there characters with very rare items?

Yes. See explanation on the page Rare Items / Attributes

-How are the Crypto Duuudes made?

They are designed using 3D Software

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