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Here you can find basic information on how to buy the Crypto Duuudes NFTs.

You can buy the Crypto Duuudes NFTs on a website called Opensea.

"OpenSea is a marketplace for digital goods, including collectibles, digital art, and other digital assets that are backed by a blockchain like Ethereum. On OpenSea, you can buy, sell, and trade any of these items with anyone in the world. (description from the Opensea Website).

To buy the Crypto Duuudes NFTs you need:

  1. An Ethereum wallet, for example Metamask

  2. ETH - Ethereum cryptocurrency

  3. Link your wallet to Opensea, follow the required steps, and choose which Crypto Duuude NFT you want to buy


Metamask is one of the most popular and user-friendly Ethereum wallet.

You can download it from the official Metamask Website.

Find instructions and more info in the FAQ section of the Metamask Website or on this Youtube video tutorial.


ETH is the native currency of the Ethereum Network.

You can buy it on different websites or with Metamask.

The Metamask website provides this explanation:

"You can easily buy Ethereum with a debit card or Apple Pay directly within MetaMask by clicking “Add funds”. You can request funds from a friend by sending them a payment request showing your QR code in person or by sharing your public address."


This tutorial on the Opensea Blog can help you getting started

Feel also free to check the Opensea FAQ section